About Us

iRemit Austria: Get to know us!

iRemit is the largest non-bank remittance company owned by Filipino. As such, it serves Filipinos all over the globe to facilitate faster and smoother delivery of remittances..

Being keen on connecting, our company grew to be integral to Filipino society, especially to the so-called OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers). It builds a bridge between Filipino communities and their loved ones back in their hometown in the Philippines.

Currently the bridge extends to 27 countries throughout the world. Through iNotify remittance pick-up, beneficiaries in the Philippines can claim their money in one of the 9900 designated pay-out stations within 24h after receipt of the remittance from its foreign offices.

iRemit is known for having revolutionized the local remittance industry by employing the latest in IT technology and utilizing the Internet platform making it possible to cut down the usual remittance period to only seconds. This innovation brought about the honor as "Most Innovative Company" (2011) and bears testimony to our company's aim to improve and enhance our tools, our products and our service.

iRemit continuously pursues its vision and strives to provide more accessible and convenient services to our customers.

Therefore, our 4 core values are as follows:

  • Excellence. iRemit goes beyond what is expected.
  • Customer satisfaction. The customer is the topmost priority of iRemit.
  • Teamwork. Our company and people move as one towards achieving a shared goal.
  • Integrity. iRemit delivers what it promises to clients.

Thank you for choosing iRemit Services. We are open to serve you and welcome you in our branch office in Vienna, Austria!